Why should I make a bucket list?

It is proven that if you write down your goals your are 42% more likely to accomplish them.

Every time I think “I want to do that someday” I will write it down on my bucket list. This way I don’t forget about all of the exciting adventures I want to do in my future. My bucket list also gives me something to look forward to. Whenever I am feeling down I do a little research on an item on my bucket list. This research makes me even more exited to one day complete the item on my list and it gives me more direction and understanding for that item.

A bucket list is a goal tracker. No matter how big or small, anything can be put onto a bucket list. It has been something that keeps me looking forward to the future and I know it will always be there when I want to add a little spice to my life. Once you check something off of your bucket list, you feel accomplished knowing you finally did something you have been yearning to do.

I love having a bucket list to keep me inspired and interested in the adventures my life will take me on. I hope you find the same joy and excitement that I have in my bucket list.

Happy bucket listing!