What is your biggest fear? My answer has always been heights. My first experience with true height was when I went to the Hoover Dam. I was petrified, my knees became so weak they couldn’t support the weight of my body. I collapsed and was unable to find my balance, the world started spinning and from that moment forward I stayed far away from anything higher then a 10 story building.

However, as I become older I began to realize that my fear of heights was impairing my experiences with friends and family. I was too afraid to go on any high rollercoasters, couldn’t stay on the top floor of a hotel, and even refused to hike to the top of mountains. After I recognized that my fear was compromising my amusement, I decided to attempt to conquer my fear.

I begrudgingly began to push my limits and test how far I could test my inner apprehension. Although I have come a long way since I first felt my stomach drop due to heights, I want to prove to myself that I have defeated this road block in my life. I imagine skydiving to be the opitimy of heights, if I am able to complete this challenge, I will know that I can beat anything life throws at me.

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