What do I include?


The best part of a bucket list is that there are truly no guidelines. A bucket list is completely personal and totally up to your own discretion. You can range from small mundane tasks such as repainting the walls in you room to large adventures such as going to outer space. The best part about bucket lists is that they aren’t refined by expense, I can put anything I want on it despite my current ability of actually completing the task. Some items can be completely out of reach while other can be totally attainable, it doesn’t matter!

If you are having trouble knowing where to start, I always like to ask myself, what are my interests and hobbies? This is what led me to one of my first bucket list items- holding a sloth. Sloths have been my favorite animal since I was very young, but I have never had the opportunity to hold one. From then I went on to think of things I have always wanted to do such as driving a zamboni. Then I focused on things that scare me. I think using a bucket list as a way to conquer your fears is an excellent way to actually achieve this goal. For example, my biggest fear is heights, therefore, I put skydiving on my bucket list as a way to overcome this fear. Skydiving is the highest thing I can think of, if I am able to skydive, I can accomplish being at any height.

Another great way to begin a bucket list is to separate it into categories. These categories can range from “childhood dreams” to “what I will do if I win the lottery”. If you have set categories, it will make it much easier to come up with items to fill these sections.

If you ever need any inspiration, feel free to take any of my ideas or use them to create your own bucket list journey!

Happy bucket listing!